The iPrayFit Project

In my 22+ years in the fitness & publishing industry, and in my 8 years of PrayFit Ministries,
I doubt I’ve written anything that has meant as much to me.
And I have a feeling it’s going to mean something special to you too. 
Meet my buddy, Jordan, and a few of our friends. We hang out each month,
so please enjoy this short video they made for us.
They've got something to say to the Lord, and in doing so,
they send a sweet message to the world, our industry,
and to the heart beating inside my chest.


663 million people on the planet don’t have clean water.

Women and children in countries across the world walk for miles
to wait for hours to fill 80 lb. fuel cans with water that’s dirty and diseased.

In this country, nearly 54 million cope with special needs.

 Costs of treating and caring for someone with autism is approaching $3 million.

40% of children with autism do not talk at all.

I believe the fitness industry can do more to help.

That’s where WE come in. We’re dedicating our workouts to charity.
But we can’t do it alone. Lifters, runners, yogis, walkers, you name it, we need you. Indeed, from lifters to runners, studios to boxes, I’m hoping you will partner with us. And if I can be so bold, we need a few of you to help us build teams. We need you to help us dig wells and provide special needs care. And speaking of special needs care, each month, I get the enormous honor of spending time and serving the sweet kids in that video above and staff that has dedicated their lives to their care; they've have become dear friends. But they need playground equipment, special doors, access to downstairs facilities and more.
And because of some of you, we’re going to meet their needs.


So here’s the skinny: We need a handful of Ambassadors to join the iPrayFit Project by going to www.crowdrise.com/iprayfitproject. The best way to help us is to SET UP YOUR FUNDRAISER by clicking on that button.
Give your fundraiser a title and then encourage at least 10 people to give any amount. That’s it. You can dedicate one workout, one month or an entire year to this cause. It’s up to you. But we will not stop until we reach our goals.

Much like runners often run for charitable causes, this is the vehicle for the fitness industry, regardless of your training choice. So, you can dedicate your marathons, your leg day, your monthly walk, in fact, you can dedicate ANYTHING to the iPrayFit Project to help raise money. But if setting up a fundraiser isn’t your cup of tea, you can give directly to the general fund or you can sponsor someone else’s fundraiser. Pretty cool.

That’s it, guys. We just need help. I’m so grateful that I can look to you. If you have questions and would like more detail,
email me at team@prayfit.org, subject line: iPrayFit Project.


Now, I realize the fun of teaming up with friends for this event
and the impact you’ll have on people around the world is reward enough,
but I thought it would be fun to offer you some cool stuff along the way.
So, yes, if you choose to set up a fundraiser in support of the project, there will be incentives.

If your team helps you raise $250, we’ll send you free stuff; like caps, sweatshirts, books and DVD’s.
If your team helps you raise $1,000, we’ll send all of that, as well as offer you
a lifetime subscription to the iPrayFit Membership,
including complimentary one-on-one sessions with me every month
to talk grace, faith, health, comfort for illness; nothing is out of play.

And lastly, if your team raises $10,000 or more,
we'll fly you and a guest to Malibu for a 3-day PrayFit retreat
with me, my wife and a few our friends. Your giving is 100% tax deductible,
with every dollar going to non-profit charity.


Imagine how many pounds of water we could carry.
Think of the miles we could run for those families.
Consider the education, the research and the support for parents
we could provide if we trained for them.

And get this. If we raise $10,000 (the cost of building one (1) well through
charity: water, we could supply a community with clean water FOR LIFE. Our goal is to build five.

Of course, we can’t feasibly travel to countries around the globe and grab shovels, nor can we be on site with kids with autism coast-to-coast, but we do our share of manual labor in gyms, studios, and on the road.

If every rep, mile and stretch meant help to others,
would that make your workouts mean something entirely different? I believe it would.

Like I’ve said many times, honoring God with our bodies isn’t measured by our waist, but by our reach.
And that’s what we’re trying to do; reach people where they are by what we do where we are.

Join The iPrayFit Project today.