New York Times Bestselling Author
Exercise Physiologist & 
Founder of PrayFit Ministries,

Jimmy Peña


A PrayFit Summer

A 4-Week Physical & Spiritual Challenge
(Proceeds to benefit ministries such as global missions and kids affected by special needs) 



THE COMPLETE PACKAGE for Individuals, Couples, Small Groups and Churches!

  • Fitness and nutrition expertise and daily guidance
  • Downloadable journals
  • At-home training plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced
  • Gym-specific routines; tips, techniques and strategies
  • Are you a runner? We have a challenge for you too!
  • "PrayFit Dares" that will rock your world and transform communities (these will stretch us all)
  • Daily devotions, Scripture memory, Bible trivia (with ebooks, prizes and giveaways)
  • Weekly webinars with Jimmy & Team PrayFit
  • Private Facebook group; community, feedback, encouragement, accountability
  • Downloadable "The PrayFit Prayer" and "The PrayFit Poem" posters.
  • *Trial iPrayFit Membership throughout the challenge!
  • Sweepstakes Drawing: Chance to win an all-expense paid trip for TWO to Los Angeles for PrayFit RISE 2017 just for signing up!

About Jimmy

Along with his best-selling books and DVDs, Jimmy Peña has created worldwide challenges for Muscle & Fitness Magazine, M&F HERS, Oxygen, SELF Magazine, Men's Fitness and more. However, audiences across the country are most familiar with Jimmy's clear and consistent message: "Honoring God with our bodies has nothing to do with intensity, but has everything to do with intent." That's why the PrayFit Summer Challenge isn't about measuring your waist, but your reach.

Granted - and be foretold - you will be educated, stretched and encouraged to care for your bodies and to humbly steward your health like never before - possibly in ways you may have never imagined - but in the end, it's what we do with our health that matters most. The things you'll be challenged to do - both physically and spiritually - will forever change the way you view the purpose of your body, and perhaps change the lives of those you encounter along the way; which is the point of it all.



Jimmy says, "Grace removes the burden of trying to perfect a body that won't last and yet grace is the reason to honor God with it every day that it does." And that's the basis of this challenge.

We'll look at health through the gospel's lens, because that changes everything. If you're fit, you'll be challenged in ways you may never have been before. If you're struggling, you too will be faced with steep hills. No matter who we are, the Bible has something to say to us about our health. 



In his 2009 national bestseller, Jimmy wrote, "The most effective form of exercise you can do - if you have the gift of ability - is the one that you'll actually do."

That's why he has written an at-home guide for you (for those that will choose to train at home) and he has fashioned gym-specific programming for those that choose to utilize resistance training in a weight room setting. He's also included a number of techniques and tidbits that will be life-changing. He has dedicated his life to helping you steward your body.



Let us thank Him for our food. Amen? At PrayFit, we're in to whole foods. In other words, we embrace food. OK, we're foodies!

With our dietary experts, you'll be introduced to new concepts and recipes and food bytes that will inform, educate and not to mention make your mouth water. Food was meant to fuel our lives, not rule our lives, and Jimmy and his band of brothers and sisters have spent countless time in the kitchen so that you can bless the Lord and those you love in yours.

* Following the challenge, all participants will have the opportunity to continue enjoying the private and exclusive membership for just $10 per month or $99/year.