The Prayfit story

The road



Jimmy becomes a NYTimes Bestselling Author and Muscle and Fitness Editor



Launch of PrayFit

Global and national recognition:
- Tonight Show
- Simon & Schuster
- Lionsgate
- and so much more..


Jimmy is personally introduced to chronic pain, suffering, and illness


Finding respite with Jordan in the special needs community

The 2nd Mountain

Around 70 million people lack mobility, with only 10% having access to basic transportation resources for everyday activities such as going to school or visiting friends. Caring for individuals with disabilities is a significant undertaking, posing a challenging task for single parents, couples, churches, and organizations across the globe, and respite care is essential to provide much-needed rest for caregivers.

Those are our 2 mountains. Mobility and respite for those that need it, but the best part is, you can help. Join us in helping give wheelchairs through The Wheelhouse or give rest to caregivers at Respite Place. Whatever you decide, thank you for going with us through our journey, however, we know this is simply the end of the beginning. See you out there.

The Team

Whether it's by sending a wheelchair to Brazil or by giving a parent of a child with cerebral palsy 4-hours of rest, we are all about mobility and respite.

With a good grasp of his limitations, Jimmy believes the fitness industry can do more for those in the disability community.

Problem solver

She is passionate about seeing people find deep, meaningful relationships with the Lord, grow stronger in their faith, experience significant relationships with others, and be empowered to live out God’s purposes for their lives.

Creative media | Developer

A talented developer and media professional, Mikey Mann has over 8 years of experience in the fitness and sports nutrition industry.

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We are setting out to take the non-profit fitness space from good-to-great. Please fill out the form and let's work together to bring the fitness industry to the doorstep of mobility and respite. Have questions? A great idea? Need help? Whatever is on your mind, let's chat.

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