Helping launch the faith and fitness industry nearly a decade ago - NY Times Bestselling author, former fitness director at Muscle & Fitness Magazine, exercise physiologist and founder of PrayFit Ministries - Jimmy Peña & Team PrayFit sought to help the church with humble, bodily stewardship while making Jesus known to the fitness industry.

To this day, PrayFit is the most trusted source of faith and fitness content to churches and individuals the world over. As a resource to countless faith and fitness websites and ministries, PrayFit's pioneering message of seeing health through the gospel’s lens changes everything, which is why PrayFit has and will always be the example of grace in the fitness arena.

We believe that everything God has allowed us to do was all to prepare us for what we're embarking upon today. And that's why we look forward to working side by side with you as we grow our Ambassador network.  

What is a PrayFit Ambassador?

A PrayFit Ambassador is a follower of Jesus, first and last. Nothing God gave us to enjoy in our pursuit of health was ever intended to be enjoyed at the mercy of our relationship with God, and that is something we take very seriously at PrayFit Ministries. Spending time in God’s word and in prayer will never be replaced with any measure of physical stewardship. The first rule of PrayFit Ministries is that we love and talk about Jesus.

A PrayFit Ambassador loves others. The Bible says that our love for one another is how the world will know that we are followers of Christ. In our dealings with others, private and public (social media, etc), we strive to be examples of that truth, always seeking to love others the way Jesus loves us and them.

A PrayFit Ambassador believes health is a gift of grace. The ability, the motivation, the resources, the training itself, the byproducts of diligence and obedience: all gifts. We do not earn gifts, but we celebrate them and flourish for God and others with them.

A PrayFit Ambassador sees health as an act of stewardship. What is a steward? Someone who has been given something to take care of temporarily that’s not their own. Our bodies the Bible says are not our own, but instead we are to honor God with them. Taking care of our bodies is just one way to thank God for only seeing our hearts.

A PrayFit Ambassador is sensitive to the needs, hurts and unseen illnesses of others. So many people around us are hurting with unforeseen infirmities. Health is a faith battle, often fought privately, painfully and with worn-out tools. We never judge someone’s health, but rather respond as a resource of comfort.

A PrayFit Ambassador seeks to put their faith to work. We believe faith is the most powerful tool God gave us to conquer life’s obstacles, and that includes our health. If we have the gift of health, we seek to serve those in need at home, church and in our community.

A PrayFit Ambassador strives to be humble and modest. We believe it takes far more strength to be humble about hard work than the hard work itself, but more importantly, God hates pride, and that’s enough for us. We will not use our faith as a platform to show off our bodies (or vice-versa). 

A PrayFit Ambassador is a leader. When Jesus got up to wash the feet of all the disciples (even the feet of Judas), He was setting the example for all of us; that the greatest leaders are servants. And our health - our very life - is a chance to serve like Jesus served.

A PrayFit Ambassador is a runner, or a walker, or a lifter, or a golfer, or a student, or a mom, or get the idea. A PrayFit Ambassador doesn't have to be an elite athlete (or an athlete at all). If you have Jesus in your heart and you see your health (as well as illness) as a means to praise Him, and you're excited to share PrayFit Ministries with your social communities, family and friends -- then you may be a perfect PrayFit Ambassador.

If all of this sounds like something that fits your lifestyle and is something you'd like to be a part of and help grow, then please keep reading!

What do Ambassadors do?

You will have access to Jimmy and his team as well as be able to connect with other Ambassadors through our private Facebook community.  We will provide resources, ideas, and welcome your feedback as we embark on this journey together.  In addition to joining our Facebook group, we ask that you commit to the following:

  • Share PrayFit® created social media images and posts, devotions, store merchandise, iPrayFit Membership, and other programs as they become available.  These may be shared on social media, personal blogs, and/or websites and should be tagged with #prayfitambassador.  We ask that you share our content 2-4 times per month.  You must have at least PUBLIC network with which you are sharing our content.
  • Provide Testimonials.  We want to know how PrayFit has impacted you and how you use our products.  What do you love about PrayFit??  These can be provided in written form or as a short video.  We ask that you share a testimonial via social media, personal blogs and/or websites 1 time per month and tag it with #prayfitambassador.  In addition, we look forward to including YOUR stories within our own content in various ways.   (Psst..don’t worry, if this isn’t something you have done before, we’ll help you out with tutorials and ideas in the Facebook group!)  
  • Serve as liaison for PrayFit events in your area.  We will communicate these opportunities to you as they develop.
  • Consider how you can share PrayFit with your local church or other community groups.  We welcome partnership opportunities and areas where we can be a resource.  
  • We want you to share your gifts/skills with us!  We recognize everyone is uniquely created by God and has amazing things to offer - what would that look like for you as an Ambassador? 

What Do Ambassadors Receive?

While we know that a PrayFit Ambassador has a servant heart, we want to THANK and ENCOURAGE you for your support and participation in this program.  To do that, we came up with a few benefits just for you.  Check them out:  

  • Month 1: Access to a private Facebook group.  In this group you will have the opportunity to connect with Jimmy and his team as well as one another.  We will share resources, messaging ideas, special content, challenges, and whatever else we can think of.  We want to support you and we want to this to be a place we can hear from YOU as well. 
  • Month 2: ONE year of FREE access to the iPrayFit Membership.
  • Month 3: FREE swag!  We want you to wear and share PrayFit and who doesn’t love freebies?! You will receive a “welcome bundle” upon sign-up and we hope to share additional things with you along the way!
  • Discounts on store merchandise. 
  • Complimentary Tickets to attend the October PrayFit Rise Conference in Westlake, CA.  There will be a few other “red carpet” perks for you as well throughout the event...we will keep you posted!  (Note: Transportation and lodging are not included.)
  • Opportunities to have your posts/images/videos featured on official PrayFit sites!

We know we have just provided a ton of information, so thank you for reading through it all. If this all sounds like something you're interested in being a part of, helping the nation see health through the gospel's lens and impacting the fitness industry for Christ, please give us some information. Fill this form out and let us hear from you.