A Dangerous Prayer


Why did we ever leave Egypt?
— Numbers 11:20

Just one more day in the desert as we relaunch the PrayFit Daily Devotion, alright with you? Did you catch our verse above? The Israelites actually missed prison. Not long after the Israelites met freedom, they actually longed for captivity. Behind bars they had no choices. As inmates, they had no responsibility. Even though they were trapped, they were warm, cozy, and full. Their prayer for freedom was a dangerous one. But nothing a generation in the desert couldn't answer.

What about us? When was the last time you and I prayed dangerously? About finances, a relationship...our health? See, once they were set free, the Israelites faced the need for obedience and responsibility; so do we. Folks, our bodies are merely tools, not finished products. Better "fitness" simply means better equipped. It's tough to visit the poor from the couch, and it's impossible to see the hurting in our own mirror. But we're warm, cozy, and full (even if of ourselves). (Note: this should speak to both the fit and the not-so-fit.)

If God allows us the opportunity for better health the rest of the year, what will we do with it? Will we sit? Focus on ourselves? Will we allow a generation to wander before we see health as a means of praise? If so, why did we ever leave Egypt?

--Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Our "wilderness" is never permanent to God. He sees the end of the woods. How would you be praying today if you knew what He knew? The question isn't whether or not we're strong enough, but it's about how strong God is. Are you praying today for understanding and courage to accomplish His will for your life? If so, say "amen."