Jimmy Peña

She endured 6 miscarriages and doctors were about to break the news of a seventh. The heartbeat was gone. No signs of life.

Another child.

Another heartbreak.

Until…another heartbeat?

What doctors didn’t know until that moment was that Mireya was carrying twins. And while sadly one of the twins had passed away, Sebastian – later to be known as Sebi – was fighting to be born; and born healthy he was.

But only a couple of years later, Sebi fell into the family jacuzzi. Paramedics arrived on scene and 45 minutes and somewhere between nine and eleven epinephrin shots later, Sebi breathed again. But the accident caused irreparable damage to his vocal cords and his brain. Not only would he likely never say another word, he would also never take another step.

Being born was his first battle for freedom. Living without mobility was now another.

Once featured on ABC NEWS with his mother and family in order to reunite with his first responders, little Sebi is 8-years old now. He attends Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village. Over the Christmas holiday, the team found out that Sebi was in dire need of a new chair. One that he can grow into and one in which his mother can best feed him.

Enter YOU.

When we found out about the Christmas wish, we wanted to help, and because of your faithful giving, we did just that. Sebi’s new chair is made from a latex free material that is peel and tear resistant. It is also impermeable to fluids, which makes keeping it clean simple and easy. The inner foam is designed to support him, while conforming to his little body to provide hours of comfortable sitting. Most importantly, his new chair allows a 30-degree range of pelvic tilt which means upright sitting becomes more functional and comfortable; less transfers in and out of equipment and more time can be spent comfortably at home or school or at church.

Mobility means everything, and you moved. You came to the rescue of a little boy and his mom. Thank you for being with us each month, faithfully giving to our two causes. We’ve been working very hard on the new website and we hope you find it easier to navigate, monitor your giving history and share your passion for mobility and respite with your friends and family.

- Jimmy Peña

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Your giving will move the world or stop it. We need both to happen.

The gifts of mobility and respite.