Small Group Curriculum 

We look at health through the gospel's lens, and every month, new group study curriculum is added to the membership; ideal for anyone to use as a means of encouragement, comfort, inspiration and growth in grace with your church, family and friends.

Culinary Expertise

Embrace food like never before. PrayFit’s expert dietitians and culinary experts will help you learn to use food to fuel your life, not rule your life. Food bytes, recipes, and much more!

Intensity Techniques

Learn strategies that you can apply to every single workout - no matter your goal of strength, size or endurance – to help take your training to the next level.

Downloadable Training Plans

Build a library of go-to training schemes to help you continuously challenge yourself. Whether for your own training or perhaps for you and your clients, we’ll develop bodypart-specific as well as goal-specific training plans to help meet your needs. 

Body Part Target Training

Learn why and how to manipulate exercises to target specific groups of muscles from various angles. Also, we’ll be comparing exercises in ‘pros and cons’ fashion while also demonstrating entire workouts that coincide with downloadable training plans available with your subscription.

Injury & Research Updates

Each month we’ll explore the latest research in the most respected health and science journals and deliver compelling news and updates to help inform you and your family. 

Office Hours with Jimmy

Each week, Jimmy is dedicating a direct link to him via webinars, live chats, emails and hangouts. Have your questions ready, because he’s ready to serve.

Monthly Webinars

Connect with other iPrayFit members as well as with Jimmy in group forums, chat discussions, community sessions and more!

From Small Group Curriculum to training and nutritional expertise,
here are a few examples of what you'll find each month within the iPrayFit Membership.
Join us!

Jimmy Peña
Exercise Physiologist
NYTimes Bestselling Author
Founder of PrayFit Ministries Inc.

Dana White
Nutrition Expert
PrayFit Ministries Inc.


All proceeds of this membership go to support
ministries such as global missions and
kids affected by special needs.