Years ago, I spent time training in an altitude chamber. As you may know, training at altitude helps you better perform at sea level. The more time you spend up high, the better you perform down low. As a physiologist, that makes good sense to me, but as a believer, it points me in the right direction; which is exactly where we're going.



Before we shake 2018 to its foundation, let's be shaken to ours. Let's take a few days to rest and recalibrate. Let's ground ourselves, ensuring that any physical goals we set for ourselves have purpose in the process. For some this will be foundation-building. For others, it will be a sacrifice. For you, perhaps, it will serve as both. Whatever your needs, we hope this blesses your New Year! 

PLUS: For those that don't have "Worn-Out Tools" - or perhaps for those that do - we will send this to you as well. This eBook may be helpful to you or to someone you know that may be hurting or struggling with either an unforeseen or preventable illness or setback.