The iPrayFit Project

Are you a runner? Lifter? Tire flipper? Whatever your mode of training, we want to partner with you. You can fundraise for us or with your iPrayFit Membership, every workout you hit, each rep to failure, and all the miles you run can help those in need. Simply join and train. We do the rest.

Here I am with my buddy, Jordan. See, Jordan has autism, and once a month I get the chance to hang out and have fun with him. This gives his parents a chance to take a break, a walk, catch a movie or a nap. And this ministry - and others like it - need our help. They need to fitness industry to help them.

 All proceeds of the iPrayFit Project will go to kids with special needs and to build wells for those that don't have access to clean water. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you!!

All you have to do is your thing. Your membership or your fundraising is tax-deductible, so please consider joining us and let's train for more.

Join The iPrayFit Project today.