March 29, 2010Read: Isaiah 55

"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” --Isaiah 55:9

Things on the ground look pretty small from 35,000 feet. I know, because that’s where this entry was written. Halfway through a five-hour trip cross country, the flight attendant announced, “If there is a physician on board, please come to the back of the aircraft.” She repeated it three times.

Immediately two young men, including a man sitting in my row, jumped from their seats and rushed to help. The rest of us simply sat and watched as a huddle formed in the back of the plane. After maybe a minute, a grey haired man from the front of the plane walked passed us, almost casually, and joined the effort at which time, the man from my row returned to his seat and explained that a young lady had suffered a panic attack.

Curious, I asked him if he was a physician. “No," he said. “There was only one doctor among us back there. Two of us were firemen, another had some medical training, but only one doctor -- an older man. When he showed up, we all stepped back to let him work.”

Get me a laptop, stat.

In life, we tend to panic, and the world responds will all sorts of solutions. But like today, I know I can’t run to the rescue. Only God can. Isn't it assuring to know that He is never rattled or stressed? He's always in control and is never late. And the problems that find us, even at 35,000 feet, are well under His.

Now I think I’ll sit back and relax. We still have a ways to go.



This week we will be working on something everyone wants: better arms. Whether you're a student wanting to better fill out your shirts, or you're trying to firm up your arms for a favorite summer dress, this week's focus will be biceps and triceps and how best to work them.

Anatomy Biceps: So named for the two muscles that make up the front of the upper arm. The long (outer) head and the short (inner) head. Triceps: Named for the three muscles that make up the back of the upper arm. The long, lateral and medial heads.

Each muscle of the arm, either biceps or triceps, are optimally worked depending on the angle of the arm to the body. That's why we train them with so many different exercises. Some might think it's for variety, which is a valid reason, but angles put stretch on the muscles differently, allowing for a slightly modified response.

So get ready for a week of angles, grips and exercises, along with how heavy or light you should be working your arms in each session depending on your goals.