Uncover how suffering can impact the heart and purpose
of the fitness-minded.

Jimmy Peña
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Through his honest and poignant reflections, Jimmy Peña chronicles how suffering can break us, shape us, and ultimately send us on an unprecedented journey. His powerful words remind us that true strength (and a life of significance) is found not in external achievements, but in our weakness and dependence. When we embrace our smallness, we applaud God.

By purchasing FINDING RE2PITE, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with others who may share your passion for fitness but who may also stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you in chronic pain, illness and suffering.

So why wait? Join the RE2PITE movement today and discover the transformative power of grace in suffering for yourself.

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What readers are saying


Peña gets it. As important as my health has been to my life and career, I’m also realizing how fragile we are. Sometimes I feel like my body is betraying me, but FINDING RE2PITE helps me see God’s plan in it all and helps me want to serve others with my body (and my breakdowns) more than ever.

Mario Lopez

Actor and Host of Access Hollywood

Rarely does a book cause a seismic shift of the mind, heart and soul. I found myself desperately trying to reconcile my pursuit of optimal health with the purpose of it all. This little masterpiece gives purpose to our pain and flips the script from striving to surrender. You will discover a whole new meaning and mission as you honor God with your body and you’ll never see suffering the same.

Jimmy Page

Speaker, health expert, and best-selling Author of One Word that will change your life

Only a few people are fortunate enough to come across fellow brothers and sisters who share a heartbeat for something profound. We can all agree there are good and essential things in the world, things worthy of our deepest commitment and most entire efforts. But, the alignment that comes when two people know that the other person completely understands the big picture and the meaning behind the meaning without any words spoken is nothing short of a miracle.

Gina Spivey

Pastor of Family Ministries