Mobility Changes Everything

70 million people live without the gift of mobility. And only 10% of them have access to the most basic of resources to help them make their way to school, to a friend’s house or even to the bathroom.

Dear PrayFit,
Thank you for your generous gift for wheelchairs. Your support will send hope and encouragement through our ministry outreaches in Brazil.

- Becky Ellis - Executive Director,
Joni & Friends, TEXAS

We need you

This takes all of us

The Wheelhouse

Whether you lift weights, run 5K's or lead challenges as a fitness instructor,
this is where fitness meets special needs. We need your legs.
All together

Make It Personal

Personal trainers, fitness instructors and their clients are donating their challenges and group sessions to give the gift of mobility. See how many chairs YOU can donate together.

Step 1: Launch a fundraiser.
Step 2: Give your team a name.
Step 3: Share your link with your clients.
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Training Wheels

"Leg Day" Never Meant So Much

Take your favorite leg routine and use it to sponsor a child in need. First, imagine what you would do if you couldn't move. Got the visual? Good. Now train.

Step 1: Start a fundraiser for your leg workout
Step 2: Share the link and your goal with your followers.
MILES and miles of heart

Every Run Matters

Running for a cause isn't new, but it will never get old. Dedicate your next 5K, 10K or marathon training program and help raise money for mobility.

Step One: Start a fundraiser for your local race.
Step Two: Share your link with friends and family.
Step Three: Run.

Just Crank

Cyclists don't miss group rides so why not get your fellow riders a chance to help raise funds for those that need their own set of wheels?

Step One: Start a fundraiser
Step Two: Share your link with the group.
Step 3: Ride.

Open the world

Be moved

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Access to Food

Mobility helps provide access to food.
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Schools and Church

Allows kids (especially girls) access to schools and church.
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Local Businesses

Mobility helps grow local economies.
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Mental and physical health

Improves mental and physical health.
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Social skills

Opens up a world of socialization and education
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Disease and deformity prevention

Mobility helps reduce common problems such as pressure sores, progression of deformities and improve respiration and digestion.

All they need is a wheelchair

Providing wheelchairs that are appropriate, well-designed and made-to-fit not only enhances mobility, but also opens up a world of possibilities. Here I am in the far reaches of Brazil on a wheelchair outreach for Joni & Friends. PrayFit is coming alongside in a big way. JOIN US.

Help us send another wheelchair

It takes $125 to give someone the gift of mobility