April 28, 2010Read: Matthew 8 "The centurion replied, 'Lord, I'm not worthy to receive you into my home, but only say the word and my servant will be healed.'"  --Matthew 8:8

Last night I received a call from a good friend I haven't spoken with in a while. He was calling to see how the healing was going. I told him we're waiting on the May 5 check-up to make sure all is well. He replied, "We're just going to say the word, pray and believe." I immediately thought of something I read from Max Lucado:

I love the story of the private who ran after and caught the runaway horse of Alexander the Great. When he brought the animal back to the general, Alexander thanked him by saying, “Thank you, captain.” With one word the private was promoted. When the general said it, the private believed it. He went to the quartermaster, selected a new uniform, and put it on. He went to the officers’ quarters and selected a bunk. He went to the officers’ mess and had a meal. Because the general said it, he believed it.

Like the centurion, the private, or as my dear friend so perfectly reminded me...let's just take Him at His word. When God says it, let's believe it. Amen?


RAPPING ABOUT REPS Learn more about how to select weight and rep ranges for max results

So, we've been getting a number of good questions regarding rep ranges and rep max (RM), so whether you're just joining the conversation or you've been here all week, here’s a quick review of the general rep range as it pertains to a particular goal and its associated RM percentage.

Reps              Reps   %RM Size                 8-12     70-80 Strength       3-6       85-100 Power            3-8       0-80

Max Math: A Review Research shows that if you don’t know your 1RM, you can still estimate it with accuracy as long as you can determine at least your 5RM. So we’ve provided an equation of determining your 1RM through your 5RM. Since many of you might train alone, and the ability to test your 1RM might prove difficult or even dangerous, this could be your best way to go. To test yourself, choose a weight with which you can do five reps to failure. Then plug that 5RM weight (in pounds) into the following equations.

Upper body (5RM x 1.1307) + 0.6998 = 1RM

Lower body (5RM x 1.0970) + 14.2546 = 1RM

You can also use this handy reference chart anytime you attempt programs you might read here at PrayFit or in other fitness and training manuals. So for example, your 1RM corresponds to 100 percent of your rep max. Your five rep max is approximately 87 percent of your rep max.

Reps/%RM 1/100 2/95 3/93 4/90 5/87 6/85 7/83 8/80 9/77 10/75