May 21, 2010Read: Psalm 42 "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God." -- Psalm 42:1

I went for my swimming session today, the first in a while due to the recent cold, wet weather. Thankfully, the sun broke through the clouds, so I broke through the door. I couldn't wait to hit the water. Um, it's just, little did I realize what days of rain and sub-normal temperatures do to an already cold pool. And if you can't simply dive in, the inch-by-inch technique kinda takes your breath away.

Witnessing to others about Jesus can sometimes feel like this morning's pool. We get excited to share Christ, but when God opens the door, we often end up stuck on the edge fearing a certain chill. Sometimes we test the temperature and other times we turn back for home, especially if simply diving in isn't ideal.

But when we listen to God as He gives us courage, by faith we find ourselves wading into living water. The more often we trust Him, the warmer the water seems to feel.


EGG-CELLENT I asked my buddy, best-selling author and PrayFit contributor Dr. Jim Stoppani a bunch of questions about the incredible, edible egg, and I was surpised to hear that:

>> Grade AA is better than A, but there is little difference between the two. >> A large egg has the same taste as smaller eggs, yet has more protein and calories. >> The color of an eggshell is determined by the breed of hen. White hens lay white eggs, red hens lay brown eggs. >> Organic eggs are produced by hens fed a diet free of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Free-range eggs are produced by hens raised outdoors or that have daily access to the outdoors. >> Egg Beaters are made of pasteurized egg whites, added vitamins and minerals, and beta-carotine to give them a yellow hue.