May 25, 2010Read: Romans 8

"No, in all these things we've been made more than conquerors through Him who loved us." --Romans 8:37

Loretta and I don't watch a lot of TV, but we have our share of shows, one of our favorites being The Celebrity Apprentice. And this past Sunday, we watched the season finale with millions of other devoted viewers. But unlike most weeks, Loretta sat uncharacteristically calm throughout the show. I, on the other hand, shifted in my seat and talked to the television. After almost two hours of nail-biting suspense, I began to be more intrigued with Loretta's demeanor than I was with Donald's decision. Then it hit me. She checked the internet. She already knew who won.

So with about 10 minutes left in the show, I curiously asked, ", so who won?" She got the biggest grin. She explained she just couldn't stand the suspense, but because she knew the outcome, she was able to relax and enjoy the show.

As believers, the reality is, we're Heaven bound. I say we do less shifting in our seats and be more like Loretta; enjoying the show of life as those who know who wins in the end.



If it's better arms you're after, a classic combo of biceps and triceps will help -- and this applies to the gals as much as to the guys.

BICEPS For the front of your arms, three variations of the curl will get you started on the right path—the third, seated dumbbell curls, can be done in alternating style or curling both dumbbells simultaneously. The fourth exercise is for forearms, and is done with your lower arm flush against a flat-bench, wrist over the edge, holding one dumbbell in hand and flexing your wrist up and down in a full range of motion.

Exercise                                              Sets     Reps Machine Preacher Curl                      2          12, 15 Straight-Bar Cable Curl                      2          12, 15 Seated Dumbbell Curl                         2          12, 15 Dumbbell Wrist Curl                           2          12, 15

TRICEPS This session is made up of three simple exercises that are sure to engage your triceps. For the first exercise, machine extensions, there are a few different variations you’ll find in a gym, from a seated reverse-preacher style to a seated dip-style machine: All are viable options.

Exercise                                              Sets     Reps Machine Triceps Extension                 2          12, 15 Straight-Bar Cable Pressdown            2          12, 15 Close-Grip Push-Up                                2          To failure

Most of the equipment needed can be found in your local gym, but versions of most exercises can be done in a fairly bare-bones home gym too.

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