July 19, 2010Read: Philippians 4 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." --Philippians 4:13

This week, our focus will be on those with no chance. The forgotten; the overlooked; the guilty in need of defense and the million-to-one shots. Calling all underdogs...

The next time you feel that God can't use you, just remember...

--Noah was a drunk --Abraham was too old --Isaac was a daydreamer --Jacob was a liar --Leah was ugly --Joseph was abused --Moses had a stuttering problem --Gideon was afraid --Sampson had long hair and was a womanizer --Rahab was a prostitute --Jeremiah and Timothy were too young --David had an affair and was a murderer --Elijah was suicidal --Isaiah preached naked --Jonah ran from God --Naomi was a widow --Job went bankrupt --John the Baptist ate bugs --Peter denied Christ --The Disciples fell asleep while praying --Martha worried about everything --The Samaritan woman was divorced, more than once --Zaccheus was too small --Paul was too religious --Timothy had an ulcer… AND

Lazarus.....was dead! What do you have that’s worse than that? So no more excuses!"

-author unknown

Have a great week, everyone. In Jesus' name, amen!


Many people think of the lunge as a tool to target the rear end, and while that's true, some fail to realize that the lunge is what we call a compound or multi-joint move. Therefore, multiple muscle groups are actively responsible for making the lunge work. The target muscles for the lunge are the quads, hamstrings and glutes. There is also a good deal of core work required due to the balance necessary to perform the exercise.

The great thing about the lunge is that you can do it practically anywhere, requiring no equipment whatsoever. From lateral lunges, to stationary lunges (or split squats) to the more difficult step-up (which isn't exactly a lunge, but we like to say it's in the family).

Today's workout is less of a "workout" and more of target practice. Legs, get ready.

Warm-up: 5 minutes (walk or jog in place or do jumping jacks)

Then without resting between exercises do: Forward lunge: 10 reps on one leg and repeat on the other side 10-2 Lunge: 10 reps with each leg (think of yourself as standing in the middle of a clock, and you step toward 10:00 with your left leg and 2:00 with your right) Reverse Lunge: 10 reps with one leg and repeat on the other side. Side Lunge: 10 reps with one leg and repeat on the other side. --Rest 1 minute and repeat as many times as you can, or until your form begins to falter.

HAVE A GOOD LUNGE >> Step forward with one foot. Bend both knees to lower yourself, making sure your front knee doesn’t pass your toes. Stop just short of your rear knee touching the floor and reverse directions, driving through the heel of your forward foot to return to the start.