August 3, 2010Read: Mark 12 "Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, "I tell you the truth, this poor widow has given more to the treasury than all the others." --Mark 12:43

Clive didn't really start living until he gave his heart to Jesus. Nine days after he and a writing buddy went for a long walk, Clive -- a known agnostic -- accepted God's grace and used the rest of his life as an offering to the Lord. Two thousand years earlier, Jesus watched a poor widow offer her life's savings -- two copper coins (worth about half a penny) -- into the church plate.

Two people that changed our world with one offering. Their offering of all.

Who's world would change if you asked God to help you give your best to your health? Your spouse? Kids? Remember, it's not about perfection, but diligence.  We're called to care for the body that carries the soul.  After all, "We don't have souls, we are souls. We have bodies." Clive said that. But you know him better as C.S Lewis.



In a 2007 study cited by The Obesity Society, the alarming trend of weight gain was made clear. Of the respondents in a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) analysis...

--25.6% were obese.

--26.4% of men and 24.8% of women were obese.

--the obesity prevalence ranged from 19.1% for men and women aged 18--29 years to 31.7% and 30.2%, respectively, for men and women aged 50--59 years.

--by race/ethnicity and sex the obesity prevalence was highest for non-Hispanic black women (39.0%) followed by non-Hispanic black men (32.1%).

--The obesity prevalence was higher in the South (27.3%) and Midwest (26.5%) and lower in the Northeast (24.4%) and West (23.1%).

A separate but related survey showed that approximately 75% of Americans identify themselves as Christian.

Sources:, The Obesity Society