October 1, 2010Read: 1 Chronicles 29

"Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name." --1 Chronicles 29:13

He wipes the sweat from his brow as he sweeps an empty body shop. Every few seconds, his eyes rise to see if any customers had stumbled in, but none do. His wife takes care of the office, the phones, and the plant on the window sill.  "Please Lord, bring us a customer." They'd poured out their life's savings. So as he continues to sweep a spotless floor, she straightens the OPEN FOR BUSINESS sign on the front window. It's a good shop. Empty and ready.

Yesterday, we at PrayFit got some news that reminded me of that story. It seems that Eric, myself and our wives are sweeping our own empty body shop, whispering to the Lord to see things through. You know, it's when we empty ourselves that the Lord does His work. But if we're full of ourselves or anything else, we leave no room for Him.

So Lord, we give you all that we do and say. We love you and we thank you in advance for what you will do in the days, weeks and months ahead. We're empty and ready.

(Oh, and thank you for sending a customer to my mom and dad so many years ago. In many ways, because you filled their empty shop, I can fill up this page with your good word.)

Have a blessed weekend everyone. In Jesus' name, we train.



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