Dec 20, 2010Read: Luke 2

"And she brought forth her son, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn." --Luke 2:7

Before our short drive to Arizona for Christmas, I wanted to get my truck serviced. So I wheeled her in to the dealer yesterday morning. The service manager said it would be an hour or so until it was ready, so I had time to get some work done. I made my way to the office, where the smell of old coffee lingered, and a small circle of chairs surrounded the TV and vending machines. I took the last vacant chair next to a sweet elderly woman and a very nice young lady having small talk. I got comfortable.

Not long into my wait, I heard the silver-haired saint mention her church. A few seconds later, the older woman said sweetly, "Oh, you're not a Christian?" I sat back to listen to the pro at work. Her tone carried a feeling of someone who had lived long enough to know what grace really meant and who would shudder at the thought of living without it. Then she said something that stuck with me all day. She said, "Oh my sweet dear, you don't know what you're missing."

Had you been there two thousand years ago, what would you have said to the inn keeper as he opened the door to Mary and Joseph? Before he answered their question of vacancy, would you speak up to urge him? Would you be subtle? Perhaps a wide-eyed nod and a thumbs-up? Or would you do like granny did, and pull him to the side and in love say, "Oh sir, invite them to stay, you don't know what you're missing."


WORKOUT OF THE WEEK Before the Christmas week gets into full swing, how about a hard-charged cardio session. In fact, a few of you have expressed how much you enjoyed our 10-min cardio blast a couple months ago, we thought we'd re-post it this week for those who didn't get a chance to try it. Be sure to check log your progress in your journal or here on our blogs. Begin Christmas week as fit as can be!

Walk in place for 1 min Jog in place-  1 min High knee running- 1 min Jumping jacks- 1 min Fast feet (Squat down, spread your feet and tap your toes as fast as you can)- 1 min High knee running- 1 min Virtual jump rope (Feel free to use an actual jump rope if you have one)- 1 min High knee running- 1 min Jumping jacks- 1 min Walk in place- 1 min