January 20, 2011Read Psalm 16

You make known for me the path of life- Psalm 16:11

Ever taken a wrong turn? Of course, right? But if you're a marathoner, taking a wrong turn means you're off course. And that's exactly what happened to a Japanese marathoner last week. After a grueling 25 miles and leading with less than 200 meters from the finish, somehow he lost sight of the course. He turned right and those behind him went straight. It was tough to watch.

Now, many would see that story and expect a "gotta finish strong" theme. Or maybe since he righted his wrong and got back in the race, a "never quit" story would have sufficed. I admit, both came to mind. But actually, what grabbed my attention even more were those that were running right behind him. When he changed directions, they never doubted or veered. Even though he was ahead of them, it wasn't him they followed.

From jobs, school and health, despite where the world tries to lead us, may we follow theirs in the long races we run.

LADIES: LOWER BODY TIP For those who are hoping to tighten and tone your lower body, especially the tush, make sure the exercises you're selecting allow for full hip extension. Leg presses and hack squats are fine and do incorporate the glutes, but they fall short of full hip extension (think of rising from a squat to a full standing position). It's that last bit of effort that makes the most difference in that upper hamstring and glutes area. Try bodyweight squats, lunges and step-ups to make sure you're fully engaging the entire backside.