February 11, 2011Read: Matthew 6

"But store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven." -- Matthew 6:20

Have you ever chased the wind? I know I have. Kind of leaves you empty-handed. Funny, we pursue a lot of things in our weeks that won't satisfy or sustain, yet we hunt them down as if our life depended on them.

A friend of mine said last night that unless God is in it, it won't last. What a great reminder. Chasing dreams is fine, as long as we're running after God along the way -- (keeps everything we need in front of us). When I hung up the phone, the song "Meaningless" by Anthony Evans was playing. I've attached a YouTube version of it, and I hope you'll take a listen. Such a great visual message, too. It blessed me, and I hope it gives you a good start to the end of your week.

MEANINGLESS - by Anthony Evans


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