April 4, 2011 Quote of the Week:

"There's no better place to be on earth than on the road that leads to heaven." --Steven Curtis Chapman

Workout of the Week: Test Yourself

Spring is a great time to test yourself on your strength, power and endurance levels. And the simpler the better, so nothing too fancy. All we're going to do are a few exercises to exhaustion, a bit old school if you will. The jump squat, push-up (modified or standard), double crunch, and the plank (for time).

Do as many jump squats, push-ups and double crunches as you can with good form. Mark that number. When it comes to planks, hold the plank for as long as you can and record the time when you reach failure. You can repeat the four exercises as many times as you want or have time for and record the total number of reps per round. Keep that number handy for next time.



Welcome to Monday. In Jesus' name.