"He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.'"— Mark 16:15

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"Tell me, Jimmy, can you talk about some before and after successes?"

Of all the questions about PrayFit I fielded on the radio this week, that was probably the toughest to answer. Not because we don't have powerful testimonies of physical change, but like I told the host, "It's too early for a victory lap." Because honestly, the day health won't be a necessary battle will be the day it's no longer our responsibility.

But right now, during this "before" called life, our souls want to go places our bodies simply can't go. And because of that, sadly, our minds don't let our hearts even dream of living abundantly. Serve on the mission field? Laugh. Participate in a charity walk? Chuckle. Make it to church? Sigh. Our physical troubles have become spiritual warfare. We're soldiers of the cross who can't reach the battlefield.

Sure, someday we'll be rescued from a body that doesn't work, but until then, let's see what it can do for the cause of Christ. After all, His great commission to us -- "Go" -- hasn't changed. It's still an action verb.

--Jimmy Peña



You may recognize Terry Crews from his roles on TBS's Are We There Yet?, UPN/CW's Everbody Hates Chris or the action blockbuster The Expendables. You may also recognize him from his hilarious commercial spots for Old Spice. But this faithful, action-comedy star also happens to be one of the fittest men in Hollywood...and a fan of PrayFit.

"Jimmy Pena has been doing his thing in fitness for decades, but with PrayFit, he's taken things to a whole new level," Terry said in his endorsement. "If you're looking to build a stronger faith while also getting healthier, then this is the resource for you."

Crews joins a powerhouse list of endorsers that includes actor/producer Tyler Perry, TV host Mario Lopez, actor/entertainer LL Cool J, 2010 American League Most Valuable Player Josh Hamilton, two-time boxing champion Robert Guerrero and actress Rachel Cannon.

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SHAPE Magazine, one of the country's most widely-read women's fitness publications, had a little bit of PrayFit in its pages when it hit newsstands in March. Jimmy Pena's exercise battle cry that Yesterday's best is today's test will now serve as inspiration to the SHAPE reader base. Pena was recently named to the SHAPE Magazine advisory board. You can visit SHAPE online at www.shape.com.