You Have Some Body

"God saw all that he had made, and it was very good." --Genesis 1:31

Read: Genesis 1

When we think of creation, it's easy to think of the depths of the ocean floor. Mention God creating the world and our minds gravitate toward the peaks of Everest. Trees, birds, deserts, the sun. Some of God's best work, wouldn't you agree? But folks, He didn't rest until He made us. He didn't stamp "It was very good" until He gave us freckles, elbows and our little toes. His glorious face wouldn't show a Father's pride until He saw a smile on ours.

Make no mistake, you're not one. When you think of creation, look in the mirror. When you consider the breadth of His work, take a deep breath yourself. Because when He said it was good, He was looking at you. What did He see? His image. Rediscover His handiwork. You have some body.

--Jimmy Peña

Question: How often do you stop to ponder the amazing craftsmanship of the Maker? How many times during the day do you stop to marvel at the function of your limbs, the cadence of your heartbeat or the countless other functions that God breathed into you? How often do you take these things for granted? Why or why not? Give your honest responses in the comments section below.

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