He's On Watch

"And even the very hairs on your head are numbered." --Matthew 10:30

Read: Matthew 10

Parents do the greatest things. I got an e-mail from my mom this weekend about a bird's nest in the backyard that she and Dad have been keeping an eye on for the last few weeks. Well, I'm happy to announce on their behalf that the lone egg finally hatched. Truly, something that happens in backyards everywhere is the highlight of their week.

In fact, my parents are so proud, Dad pulled out his mega-powered telescope from storage so they could watch the little thing. Now mind you, the bird's nest is maybe 10-feet from the back door, but they're using a lens that can detect moisture on the moon. "Honey, come look!" I can just hear them now.

Funny, that little bird has no idea its being watched so closely. And if you'll forgive the comparison, sometimes we forget, too. While God is powerful enough to see beyond time and space, He's focused on our little lives. We're His highlight; under His wing and His watch. Isn't today just like any other day? Not to God.

--Jimmy Peña

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