"Please Start"

Someday our souls will soar. You know, we talk a lot about how our lives are all about Who we have on the inside and not about how we look on the outside. It's not that we don't have anything else to say, but we just can't exhaust that point. The comparison between the condition of our soul and the condition of our body isn't worth the kilocalories it took to type this sentence. And yet we still hear something within us telling us to take care of ourselves; an urge to push away from the table a little sooner; a nudge to start being more active. Ever been behind the wheel of a stalled car? You turn the key and "click, click, click, click", nothing. Well, the next time it won't start, you'll know exactly how your soul feels when you don't. As you turn the key, whispering your plea to "please start, please start", just think of your heart's cry. That whisper plea you hear to take better care of yourself is coming from your driver's seat, and it's loud...but only your ears can hear it. You know, the very second our frail bodies stall for good, our spirit will do exactly what it was built to do. If only we let our bodies do the same. Someday our souls will soar.

-Jimmy Peña

Friday's Q&A: What would you do without freedom to run, exercise or even play? Is it any different than what you are doing with freedom to run, exercise or even play?