A Stone and a Sling

"So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine." --1 Samuel 17:50

Read: 1 Samuel

For whatever reason, I've thought a lot lately about the young David. In fact, I've sent a few Tweets this week as I've considered the day he floored the giant. Not sure why, but in my mind I find myself with a sling in one hand, while rolling a stone between my thumb and index finger in the other. I want to pick a fight.

A week removed from a funeral and arguably one of my life's most difficult times, you'll forgive that I'm kinda reflective; taking a lot of deep breaths. Please excuse the imagery but words of wisdom echo down the corridors of my brain while tamed courage paces back and forth within my self-imposed and carefully designed cages. Friends...it seems my health, my faith, my income, stewardship, prayer life, and my thought life all deserve and require a glance down at my stone and sling. What am I waiting on? What are you?

I think it's time to say, "Goodbye, comfort zones" and "So long, easy." In fact, in the time that it's taken me to write today's entry, I've realized that I don't have to pick a fight. The fight is waiting for me. It's raging. I gotta get in it. Do you?

What battles did you avoid this week? Was your pride bruised? Did vanity get the better of you? Did self-control actually lose it? Well, with mercy new each day and Jesus in our hearts, who do we have to fear? I have my stone and sling. Got yours? If the world needs proof that grace changes people, here we come.

--Jimmy Peña


The subject of physical stewardship is not a message you're likely to hear in this Sunday's sermon. But perhaps it should be. With an increasing number of our fellow congregants and family members struggling with obesity-related health issues, it's worth noting that the Lord desires abundant health for us and that even though He looks at the heart, failing to take care of the bodies He created in His image amounts to a heart issue. PrayFit founder Jimmy Peña has spoken at churches across the country imparting the message of our health as a means of praise. Could your service be next? Check out the video below, share it with your church leaders then contact us to find out how you can bring this message to your congregation!

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