"I am not ashamed of the gospel." --Romans 1:16

Read: Romans 1, 14

The day before yesterday I came across a tweet from SELF Magazine's senior writer Erin Bried (@niftybutton) joking about our new DVD she received from my publicist. Former magazine guys ourselves, Eric and I would often get books and products on our desks from hopeful artists just like us, so we've been in her shoes. But that's where our similarities evidently cease. Because after her good laugh, she and some others exchanged jokes, then she posted a pic of me, adding a hashtag: #jumpingjacksforjesus

Now, my first thought was to drop her my resume, name some of the books I'd written, reveal the celebrities I've served and list the thousands of articles I've written on newsstands. But then it hit me: she knows enough. She knows I'm completely unashamed of the gospel. And just like the shepherds who sprinted to the see the newborn King and John the Baptist leaping in his mom's womb, there's something about Jesus that moves people. And now she knows He moves me too. So yes, I'm afraid I do jumping jacks for Jesus. That and much, much more. So I simply retweeted her and told her that it was my life's work. And that I hope she checks it out. After all, like Spurgeon said, "Defending the gospel is like defending a lion. All you have to do is let it out of its cage, and it will defend itself."

You know friends, it boils down to this. If it's awkward to do things for Jesus, be it praise, write, speak or even jump around, it's gonna feel real awkward when we're kneeling. So for all of those unashamed athletes, the line-crossers, the limb-walkers and ridicule takers, I salute you. Whether you run, lift, swim, walk or otherwise, all because your health is a means of praise, I'm in your debt and I'm at your feet. I am one of you. Save me some room out on that limb. #InJesusNameWeTrain

--Jimmy Peña

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