Down To Her Level

"And the word became flesh and dwelt among us..." --John 1:14

Read: John 1

Yesterday we wrote about a wild bald eagle that shows up in the most unexpected of places: the zoo. According to wildlife experts, this majestic male is likely fond of a female eagle being held in captivity. But what we didn't touch on was the reason she can't be set free: she's injured and too vulnerable to survive in the wild. So, he comes to see her. For reasons he doesn't understand, she can't follow him. So he comes down to her level, because she can't get up to his.

Those eagles sure are making it hard for us to think about anything else. Imagine, God did more than pay a visit, He made our home His own. He opened earth's door, stepped inside and threw away the key. He breathed our air and slept on the dirt. The thought of us trying to survive on our own was enough to kill him. So He stayed.

--Jimmy Peña

Question: Are you injured? Physically? Are you battling health issues unseen? What about emotionally? Spiritually? Isn't it a comfort to know that Jesus never leaves? Say 'Amen' if you're with me.

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