"Therefore, God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name." --Philippians 2:9

Read: Philippians 2

Dr Schwane"What's wrong with this picture?" Do you remember enjoying that page in the kid's magazine, Highlights? Great game wasn't it? A drawing with all sorts of wrong things going on, and it was our job to find them: a man fishing with a golf club or a little girl flying a kite made of spaghetti. Some things were easy to find and others took a little while. Well, as I sat next to my graduate school professor and mentor, Dr. Jim Schwane at the University of Texas at Tyler Alumni Gala last week, I played that game.

In front of a packed, beautiful room, I sat in a flood of tears and watched a video of what my peers and professors remembered about me. I accepted the award, stumbled over a few words and later stood among the most amazing of fellow recipients. But this entry was actually written earlier in the day. Walking the very campus where I got my Master's, I came upon Alumni Wall. And all I wanted to do was read my name. Let's see...1998...P...Peña. WallThere I was, amidst 30,000 other names. Although it took a little time, I found mine. I was told at one point that the award I was about to accept was the highest honor any of these names could receive. If that wall had fallen down upon me, I wouldn't have known the difference.

JimmyIsn't it amazing to know that our names are written in Heaven? But unlike my humbling evening, Heaven won't be because of my resume or anything I accomplished. It won't matter how many good works we did, how many hungry people we fed, the amount of money we put in the offering plate, and it certainly won't matter how we looked in the mirror. No, our thunderous applause in Heaven will be for Him. Jesus. The name above which there is no other. Those things I mentioned like helping others, feeding the hungry, giving, honoring the body...those we do, not in order to be saved, but because we are.

So when you find yourself in a Highlights moment like I did -- certain that you don't belong -- just think of Jesus. He's the highlight of our lives, and He makes the picture of us in Heaven perfect.

--Jimmy Peña

Recipients L to R: The Honorable Bryan Hughes; Prayfit Founder Jimmy Peña; (President of The University of Texas at Tyler Dr. Mabry); Oil Tycoon Glynn Roberts; Humanitarian Award Winner Deborah Tinsley; and Vice President of Baylor University Dr. Ken Hall.

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