Chase What Matters

"Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness. And all these things shall be given to you." --Matthew 6:33

Read: Matthew 6

Ironic that a credit card company would give such great advice: encouraging us to seek out only what we need. But credit is all about trust, isn't it? Because of our history, we're allowed only so much, and we're trusted to pay it back.

When God looks at our lives, He doesn't see us, He sees the blood of Jesus. His bloodline of credit extends to you and it extends to me. My mom will tell you it reminds her of the song, "He Paid a Debt."

He paid a debt, He did not owe. I owed a debt, I could not pay. I needed someone to wash my sins away.

And because of that, we do get to chase a life that matters...and the credit is His.

--Jimmy Peña

Question(s): How does your health help you chase the life the matters? What would you do if you lost your health? Would it be different than what you're doing with it now?

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