A Strong Life

"Two identical homes; one is built on a firm foundation, the other on shifting sand. How do you know which is which? The storm."- Dr. Charles Stanley

This last weekend, after a rough week health wise, Loretta and I made a point to watch the sunset. The sunset in Malibu is an event, with arguably one of the best views on the planet. So we got there early to have a picnic and take a short walk. With the theme "A Strong Life" in mind, I took this shot an hour before the sun actually set.

The event. Malibu Sunset, t-minus one hour.

The rhythmic regularity of the crashing waves was as soothing as it was motivating. The swelling, rising and crashing, over and over each wave came. I watched one wave chase giggling kids up the sand. Another invaded the romantic path of a strolling couple. Closing our eyes, Loretta and I savored it. It wasn't the point of the trip, but there was so much to enjoy in the meantime.

What does it take to have a strong life? That's the question we'll tackle this week. We'll look at things spiritual and physical that help us during the storms of life and during the calm days. There's so much we can be doing. So much to enjoy, to thrive upon. So many dreams to pursue and fulfill. But it takes a strong life.

Are you living one? Are you fit on the outside but not on the inside? Or perhaps you've never been closer to the Lord but you've neglected your health. Maybe both need help or both are in line. In any case, may this week be a week at the beach. A reminder that when you have a strong life, the storms reveal it. A reminder that each calm day - like each crashing wave - is an opportunity to do exactly what we were designed to do. Have a good week. Let's enjoy the events before the event. There's so much to do before the sun actually sets. Jimmy Peña


Me and Mrs. Peña. Needed this. Thank you Lord for the moments before...