The Imperfect Game

Pretty neat weak. I liked our theme: "Closers." Great life-enders. Thumbing through God's word and some books of my favorite authors, the number of remarkable men and women (and yes, even the donkey) who finished their life's game with the kind of endurance that Paul penned is jaw-dropping. Just count all the pitfalls, the pitiful, and the pits! What a pit-y party. And, well, it might as well have been. Because while their lives were heavenly, inspired and God-breathed, each one of them -- like you and me -- needs amazing pity.

On June 3, 2010 Armando Gallaraga was one out away from pitching only the 21st perfect game in baseball history. Not only did he hold the opposition to zero hits, he never even walked a batter. Each of the first 26 hitters he faced sat down. But with only one out left in the 9th, umpire Jim Joyce mistakenly called a hitter safe at first. The blown call cost Armando his place in history. From perfect to imperfect, just like that. Getting support around baseball as well as from Armando himself, a tearful and regretful Jim Joyce was quoted as saying, "Nobody's perfect."

With baseball's closer role woven throughout our theme this week, I thought of that game. That imperfect game. You and I have made some blown calls in life, haven't we? That one day. Those dumb days. Bad judgement calls. If we could take them back, we would. But since we can't, our chance at a perfect life is impossible. We'd have a better chance of swallowing the ocean than being flawless. Enter Jesus, The Savior.

Imagine it. He takes our place on the hill. His was a sinless, sacred life. Blameless. Spotless. Perfect. But because of our sin, He climbed on the cross and died for each one. Amazing pity. When God looks at your life and mine, He sees the life of His Son. No blown calls. He alone was worthy to take the loss, in order that we could win what only perfection can earn. And in what hour on Friday does the Bible say our Savior's eyes closed? Yes. In the 9th.

--Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: If you missed any of this week's entries, be sure and see A Life Spent Saving, Out of the Pits, The Purpose Fulfilled Life and The Set-Up Man. We hope they blessed your week and life. Do you have a favorite Biblical closer? Someone we didn't mention? We'd love to read it. Share it with us. Have a good weekend. And please don't miss Monday's entry. I'm already excited to write it.

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