"Tell me your story," he said. Putting his arm around Loretta and placing his hand on the side of my face, Judge Ken Starr, President of Baylor University, as if settling in for chapter one of his favorite book implored, "Tell me your story."The great and honorable Judge Ken Starr, President of Baylor University Guys, I can't quite explain the emotion of going back to Baylor last week. I haven't stopped talking or thinking about it. Walking the campus with Loretta, pointing out various spots, claiming ownership of memories built throughout different parts of school was too much for me to bear, let alone summarize here today. And then to be asked to speak to various classes in exercise physiology and sports ministry...the honor was irreplaceable. Baylor UPlease suffice it to say that I'm still overwhelmed at the generosity and hospitality of the amazing leadership of Baylor University. Thank you dear friends.

A fellow Baylor grad that I went to school with named David Phelps - who turned out to be one of Christian music's greatest voices - wrote a song called "Virtuoso." And friends, after being back at Baylor, I'm reminded once again of exactly the life I want to live for the cause of Christ, and what I want PrayFit to represent to you as you honor God with your health: Virtuoso. 

"A handful of dust. A worthless piece of clay, and you breathed the breath of Heaven. There was a soul, the heart, the hands, the voice that could sing of your perfection. Life is a symphony that only you can play. You know I can hear it through the madness every day. Virtuoso. This heart is your instrument. This life is your song."

So good to be backYour heart? Your instrument. Your life? Your song. Friends I don't know, but I want to make the most of today. Just today. My heart, my health, my mind and life. An excellent life. A life lived. A life loved. Harmonious and graceful. Abundant. When Judge Starr asked me the question - with my entire world in his two hands - I couldn't quite summarize it eloquently. I didn't read him my resume or broadcast my bio. But hopefully in that moment (and today and tomorrow) my answer was, is and will be a timeless, grateful melody that not only says it, but it inspires it too..."Virtuoso." Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: What choices will you make today to guard your heart, protect your health, guide your mind and honor God? Who reading this wants a life, virtuoso?

(For a brief photo summary of the days at Baylor, please find me on Instagram @prayfit. There is also an Instagram icon on our homepage. Here is a quick pic of me walking old Russell gym. Even though there's a state-of-the-art fitness facility across campus, old Russell is still there. But all the old, rusted equipment has been replaced. Where it all began.)


Thanks for all the emails and well wishes. It's good to be back. Be blessed and have a great week.