Friday Recap

Neat week. Monday we reminded ourselves that it's more important to have a healthy conscience than it is to be health conscious. Tuesday, Siri gave a glorious answer to an impossible question. Wednesday, we learned that when it comes to chains of life, the load is lightest the closer you get to the floor. And yesterday, amid many of your praises, we celebrated the truth that God makes all things new.

We're so glad that PrayFit is a part of your day. It's an honor we take seriously. And get this: We're nearing our 1,000th devotion. Six years and yes, almost a thousand devotions! We'll do something fun like some giveaways to celebrate soon.

Have a great and healthy weekend. Dig into your Bibles and books, get active, spend time with family, then do some resting and renewal. See you Monday.

--Team PrayFit