No Strings Attached

4:00pm (Yesterday). I'm polishing my shoes, straightening my tie and Loretta is making some last minute decisions on earrings. We're dressing up. And soon my beautiful bride and I will likely be the most unrecognizable pair at the party. My name is not in lights or surrounded by a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, so I know full well that our presence won't be because of anything I've done, but only because of who I know (and who knows me).

As we close up the week, it's been a tough one for many of us. But one single thing has helped us put one foot in front of the other: grace. (A show of hands of anyone with me.) One of my favorite new writers, Pastor Tullian Tchividjian (grandson of Billy Graham) said this week, "Grace is the gift with no strings attached." Like my presence at the party tonight, nothing I've done merits the invitation, but because the host wanted me there, my acceptance is enough. (I wonder how many entry ideas I'll get tonight.)

And oh, remember a few weeks back when I talked about my truck being a gift? Same friend. And I spent the better part of the day making sure every nook and cranny of it was immaculate. Sure, I doubt he'll see it or inspect it, but I just appreciate the gift that'll get me to the party.

--Jimmy Peña

PRAYER OF SALVATION What other party can you think of that we've been invited to? What great, grace celebration is awaiting our arrival? Accepting the invitation is the most important decision we will ever make.

If you've never asked Jesus into your heart, today could be the day you do that. Dr. Stanley often helps people accept Christ as Savior with this simple prayer. I urge you if you've never taken this step to do so right now and mean it with all your heart. And if you want us to celebrate this decision with you, let us know in the comments below!

Heavenly Father, I confess that I have sinned against you; that I am a sinner. I’m asking you to forgive me for all my sin. Not on the basis of my good works or what I will do, but what Jesus Christ has already done for me at the cross. I hear and now, receive Jesus Christ as my personal savior. And choose to live for Him the rest of my life, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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