Significant to the Kingdom

Flying back from D.C. last week, I took my usual aisle seat. Here's the thing, I have to get the aisle. With as much water as I have to drink, not to mention the need to stretch my back and these hips -- unfortunately -- I'm that annoying guy on a plane. You know, the one who walks the length of the aircraft the entire time? Yeah, that's me. But at this point, I'm in my seat, buckling up and here she comes. With the help of her daughter and a couple of flight attendants, the elderly women needed lots of time getting to her seat. The scene literally brought tears to my eyes but she finally got situated and everyone proceeded to their respective posts. I was leaning, chin in my hand looking at her, when she glanced my way.  I smiled as she widened her eyes and gave me an almost "Whew, I made it" look. I could tell she had a good sense of humor. Sweet thing. I don't know why, but I reached over and touched her sweater and nodded as if to say, "You did good." I liked her right away.

Well, midway through the flight, after a few hours of glances and grins, she had to use the lavatory. I watched the interaction between her and her daughter. I listened to the prep work, the planning, what to hold on to, what not to do, where to put her feet, how far away it was. Folks, I was in the presence of a fighter, strategizing at 30,000 feet.

But I close the week with this quick story because as we taxied to our gate and we began to exit, I felt a pat on my forearm. "You're such a nice person" she said. (Gulp, lump in throat, c'mon Peña, hold it together.) We exchanged "God bless you's" and I went on my way. Friends, I can't tell you what that pat on the arm did for me. Trust me, it's never too late to make an impact on someone. Your health is significant to the Kingdom; through your impact on others, your specific calling, your ability to serve and more. It took work for this silver-haired saint to raise her arm and reach mine. But while it was shaky and frail, it landed. And the impact was eternal. No matter your age or ability, your health is significant to the Kingdom.

--Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: That sweet lady made such an impact on me. Who made an impact on you this week? Care to share someone you may or may not know that lifted you this week? Please share.

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--Randy Frazee, author of Making Room for Life, The Heart of the Story and senior pastor at Oak Hills Church

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