Time Of Your Life

Life. It's been our theme this week. And while I had a gazillion topics I could have covered, I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing. This week David reminded us to mix it up and get into the fight of our lives. We talked about personal victories (very personal) and we celebrated getting over hurdles and hurts. Spurgeon then reminded us that sermons have to get to Jesus, and our workouts are worship when they follow suit. And yesterday, of course, was a tough reminder that there are those among us less fortunate. Life. Minute-to-minute, year-to-year opportunities to enjoy being in grace shape. Funny, the longer I've been an expert in training and fitness, the less I find myself writing about training and fitness. Because while I promise to share my routines and workout strategies as I return to fighting status, I never want us -- and mostly myself -- to miss the meaning of it all. Oh, I could use other things to motivate and inspire a healthy lifestyle, but grace is just too thorough.

When you kneel to tie your shoes on a run, it's there reminding you of the immeasurable distance He went to meet your direst need. It's there, in the weight room amidst the plates, reminding you that compared to all your sin on the bar, grace has no RM. Friends, I tell ya, there's nothing more motivating physically than considering what God has done for us spiritually. If you have Jesus in your heart, you're in grace shape. And to enjoy it, God gave you the time of your life.

--Jimmy Peña

FEEDBACK NEEDED!!: I have a favor to ask. We are building the PrayFit App (celebration please) and we'd love feedback. What would you like to see in our app. We're taking input and suggestions. We want the site to be easy for you to read, navigate and be blessed by, so we want the app to only enhance that. Talk to me. What are some of the ways a PrayFit App could serve you best? In fact, later today we have a conference call with developers and I'd love to share with them your desires. After all, this is for you.


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