Health is a Season

Hey gang, on February 27, I asked you to pray for my buddy's mom, Gail. Here was the email to me from her son Doug. Hey Jimmy, I hope this email finds you doing well. Going to cut right to it... My dad took my mom into ER over the weekend, a CT and X-ray later = pancreatic cancer. Never saw it coming, healthy woman. Words cannot describe what we're experiencing as a family, let alone my mother. Lab results are expected in the next 2-3 days. We'll have an idea of game plan once we see the lab results and what stage she is in. Her tumor, 2-3 centimeters, is on the tip of the pancreas. Her name is Gail, in all honesty - she is my best friend. To say we're close is an understatement. Can you please pray for her, and feel free to forward my request to anyone else in your network... -Doug

A countless number of you reached out with comments and emails, prayers and messages of hope. I want you to know that they all reached Doug, and he and his family read each one of your comments to her at her bedside. Well, Gail isn't hurting anymore. On Saturday, Loretta and I attended a beautiful memorial service and celebration of a life well-lived. She had Jesus in her heart and wasn't shy about it. She was married 46 years and had a beautiful family of kids, grandkids and a whole lot of friends that loved her.

As they passed the mic around the crowded church so people could tell a quick story of Gail, one theme kept coming up. See, Gail spent 25 years as a manicurist/pedicurist, and most of the people she shared Christ with were people whose hands she held and whose feet she washed. What a testimony. Way to go, Gail. Washing feet, talking about Jesus.

-Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Oh friends, health - like life - is a season. Here today, gone tomorrow. That heartbeat you just had? God gave you that. What will you do with the next one He gives? Today and all week long, make a point to live like there's no tomorrow. Share Christ, be healthy, work hard, kiss people, laugh and love. Health is a gift; open daily. Who's with me?HealthisaGift