King of My Heart

Happy Friday everyone. Cool week. I actually spent the better part of yesterday shooting video for the new PrayFit App that will hit the iTunes store very soon. Whew. We're so excited. Aren't you? You'll be able to receive the daily, get recipes, training, videos, tips, an audio Bible and more, all through the app. So blessed. Hope you enjoy it. Below is a pic of me behind the scenes. Handsome, huh? Well, following the shoot I was pretty whipped. Came home and downloaded a great new song called "King of My Heart" by the group Love & The Outcome. It hit the spot. Please allow this to be both the entry and the words that you recite and repeat throughout your Friday. It's sweet and strong.

"I'm in a war every minute. I know for sure I'll never win it. I am David up against Goliath. It's the fight for my attention. I'm being pulled in every direction. This world tells me just what I can see. Lord won't you help me believe what I believe. Cause YOU are: Bigger than any battle I'm facing. Better than anything I've been chasing. Savior in royalty. The only hope for me. Jesus you are - you are - the King of my heart. Rule in me."

Amen? So grateful for your faithfulness and encouragement. I hope that you are healthy in body and strong in spirit from what you see and read here at PrayFit. You're why I'm here! Jimmy


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