More Power To You

More power to you, were the words he said that stuck with me. Something tells me he meant it. Yeah, like I said yesterday, I have someone for you to meet. Everyone, say hi to Jim. This pic was taken during one of our walks, although Jim wasn't on the walk with the rest of the group. No, having found a good spot on one of the benches along the path, he was simply sitting there. So I strayed from the group to snap this shot with my buddy.MeandJim But let me back up. Jim and I met the day before in the lobby of the assisted living building. With the heavy use of a cane, he slowly walked up to me and we were introduced. Strong hands, kind eyes and the sweetest spirit you've ever encountered. His clothes fell on him as if they once draped a much bigger man. His belt was cinched up, creating folds in his pants. I imagine he used to be pretty tall. Nice to meet you sir, I said.

When they told him the purpose of my arrival, he smiled and said, "Well, God is good." Then I suppose for my benefit, they asked him if he still goes to the fitness center everyday, and his response sent a lump to my throat. "No," he said. Looking down toward the floor and shaking his head, he softly grinned and said, "Not anymore. But I wake up at 3:00 every morning - that's just what happens - and I do my exercises in bed. I'll do bicycles with my legs, try my push-ups, work my stomach and I'll move my arms."

Yeah, we were fast friends. God IS good. As we shook hands to say goodbye, he said the very same thing that he'd say right after we took this pic, "Well son, more power to you." Something tells me he meant it. Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: It's funny, I was there to encourage them, but I'm pretty sure it was the other way around. Guys, my Mom sent me this poem yesterday, and I think of Jim as I read it. Maybe you have someone on your mind. Someone who's health is failing but their heart for the Lord, life and giving their all is as strong as ever. If so, read along and share your thoughts:

Every morning when I wake Every night before I rest I do the kind of exercise that suits my lifestyle best. I can do my kind of workout almost anywhere I please Standing, sitting, lying down Or even on my knees. It doesn't take a lot of time But pays off every day For my favorite kind of exercise Is just to stop and pray. -Author Unknown