Roaring Times

--Continuing with our Chronicles of Narnia marathon, here's Lucy talking to Aslan. Because she was the only one among her friends at the time who could see him, she was afraid to follow him. Here Aslan is asking her why that held her back....--1724_lucy_aslan-1

So, yesterday I sat in a boardroom. Probably the biggest meeting of my little career. I may have mentioned that this was a big week for me. Well, with my agency on my left and my production partner to my right, I proceeded to explain to these execs how PrayFit began. I started with the early days; a blog with a handful of readers. Then I talked about the first book, and our mention on The Tonight Show which led to our DVD series with Lionsgate Entertainment. I finished my summary with our latest cookbook with Simon & Schuster. Oh I was on a roll and getting ALL of my points across. (Well, not all of them.)

While someone else was talking, it was as if the room grew quiet. I thought of all of you, and this week's topic, and Loretta's last text to me before I went into the meeting. "Have courage. You're not alone." I'm sure my grin was noticeable as I thought to myself, "I have the spirit of the living God in me. What's holding me back?"

Daydream over, I sat up in my seat, leaned across the freshly-polished mahogany and said, "Above all. Our diligence toward a healthy lifestyle is not about the mirror. It's about the One we're trying to mirror. If our health doesn't begin and end with Jesus, then we're just going through the motions." I'm giggling to myself as I type this recap, but I suppose in my weak and feeble way, I tried to roar.TheOnewemirror

Now, whether or not this network puts us on TV, I'm not sure. But one thing is. They know that this company, this site, my books and DVDs are designed to bring honor and glory to our Lord. Otherwise, better change the channel. Amen? Jimmy Peña

FOR DISCUSSION: How has this week's theme bolstered your courage? Any specifics you care to share? What praises do you have to raise to the group? And this week, it's ok if you show some teeth. Please let me know. (And hey guys, I covet your prayers. Today I have another major network meeting. Roar with me.)