Growing In Grace

OnHeaven Spent my Saturday morning at Balboa park. Loretta was getting her long run in for the week, so I decided to join her. Along with an amazing running trail, Balboa Park has a neat little station equipped with pull-up bars, dip bars and more. The best part is that all of the bars are low to the ground (for little and big kids like me), so it allows me to modify the moves with ease. I did dips, push-ups, and modified pull-ups in circuit fashion. And by modified I mean, with my feet on the ground at all times. (Lord just keeps blessing and blessing.) So while Loretta is running, I'm training.

Anyway, as I was working, a guy came jogging along wearing a "Kingdom Business" t-shirt. I immediately pulled my headphones out and simultaneously complimented his shirt and showed him mine. Without saying a word, our common ground shook. We hit fists, slapped hands and kept training. Music back in, I was back at my Kingdom business and he was back minding his. What a feeling; single-minded, growing in grace, training physically. Pretty much sums it up, amen?

As we begin a new week, be encouraged and reminded that when we pray, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven" it includes aligning our heart for health to align with God's will. Sometimes that alignment requires sweat, other times tears, and it always means stillness. But while the alignment is unique to every believer, the process of health is best guided by a heavenly perspective.

Gonna be a good week. Hope you check in often and stay a while. Let's grow in grace. This is me, looking for a fist bump. Jimmy Peña