Little Is Much

I was in maybe the first or second grade, and Mom had given me a dollar to go shopping for Daddy at our school's make-shift Christmas store. I remember walking the narrow aisles, squeezing the life out of that dollar like it was something really precious. And I suppose it was, because it represented my chance to give something to Dad. And then...I saw it. I knew it right away. I had no idea if I had enough to cover the cost, but it didn't matter. Even back then I was sentimental, and that little ceramic...whatever-it-was...was cool, and it had a message written on it. So with one tiny hand gripping the gift and the other my dollar, I handed both to the lady at the counter.

I'm smiling as I type, because aren't we glad God sees the heart? I didn't know what I was giving him, but Dad knew where it was coming from. In fact, that dollar's gift is still in his office, along with his other precious memories being kept behind glass. Folks, our life is a chance to give all we have, and I like to think it warms God's heart when we do. Of course, on our own, we don't have what it takes, but God does. There's an old gospel hymn that says, "Little is much if God is in it." And when it comes to our days, He can take our little and make it much. I say we squeeze the life out of our little lives, as if it's a chance to give something back to Dad.

--Jimmy Peña

P.S.What was the present? Here it is. littleismuchWell, I didn't know it then, but apparently it was an office paperweight of all things. Hey, what did I know? I was like five years old! I was just thanking my Pop for not smoking, and I meant it. And it meant a lot to him.

For Discussion: What little gift do you want to hand the Lord? Looking back, even that dollar was a gift. I didn't earn it and I certainly didn't have it on my own. But I turned my gift into one. (Chew on that sentence for a second.) Is God waiting for you to hand something over? These days Loretta and I are leaning on God's grace and wisdom as PrayFit is now a non-profit organization, needing Him to make much out of something little. But just like when I was a kid, we have to let go and give Him all we have. What about you?