Win Ugly

Romans 8:28 says, "All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Is there a more inspiring verse for us during adversity week? Now, does that verse mean our job situation will be transformed? Does it mean our illness will disappear or that our health will improve? No, not necessarily. But remember, it didn't always end well for Biblical characters who were called to His purpose. Paul was likely beheaded and most of the disciples were martyred. But what that verse means for us is that God is at work. In the midst of our suffering, His priorities make our trials not only more sustainable, but worth the hurt. Charles Stanley says, "Spiritual men and women emerge from adversity excited about what God had taught them. From God's perspective, our spiritual growth is more important than our comfort or pleasure."

Earlier this week, Habakkuk provided us a response to our own circumstances when he said, “The Lord GOD is my strength...(Hab. 3:18). If we've ever wondered if one can worship while being attacked, think Habakkuk.

Then sweet David. So many of you related to his story this week from your comments. During his darkest days he gave God his highest praise and provided us a song to sing during ours. How many of us are still humming that tune in the cave today? "We exaaaaaaaalt Thee. We exaaaaaaalt Thee. We exalt Thee......"

And yesterday, Jacob; tested physically to grow spiritually, and he held on until he got his blessing. If God gave me a new name, I want it to be, "He got up." The mere idea fires my belly.

Friends, let me finish the week the way I began it. I can't sugarcoat it. As believers we know we win, but adversity for the believer often means we win ugly. We need to remind ourselves of the Biblical forerunners in their strife. May we emerge from ours by following their lead; worshipping, with a limp, and a song. Jimmy Peña

Lord bless you guys. Much love from me. Have a good weekend. Thanks for being here each day...

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