PrayFit Flow

If I were to put my testimony in a rap song, this is what it would be. I admit, I've written a few books, a screenplay, over a thousand articles and a wedding song. But never a rap. Trust me, I'll stick to devotions, but for a Friday, I thought this would be fun. (Read it fast.) Love you guys. Have a good weekend. Be blessed. Gimme a beat.

I used to be full of muscle, enjoyed the hustle and the bustle All the pain, the strain, the strife, the life Of blood, sweat and tears, no fears Time to go, and grow, too slow But I was wrong, singing my own song, Trying to be strong, when in truth I was weak God said to be meek, never thought I would stumble, got humble No more reps for me, the weight got heavy you see But my burden got light, Jesus took the fight, alright, alright Gave me peace within, said I would win All about grace, an about-face, this is my race I’m in it, gonna win it, Heaven is the goal, the prize, fix my eyes He gets the glory, the good in my story, Got a purpose, ain’t my surface, He’s my affection, my reflection looking dim, Body weaker, but still a seeker of His heart, every single part Tho my back is broken, God stood me up straight, God is good all the time, God is great. I used to be full of muscle, but now I know, In my weakness He’s strong, not that far to go Life is quickly fading, in a minute it’s over, be bolder Don’t boast in what you lift, but hold up what you can’t Let the Gospel be our chant So focused on what I eat, I forget Who feeds me, leads me Through the valleys of this life, high and low Pull back the curtain, we’re not the show Out of the way, out of the light, put up a fight Take a stance now, He shows us how, take a knee at the Cross, take two, take someone with you, show them His face, His grace, His amazing grace Too sweet a sound not to go round, Mountains melt in His presence, even mountains of muscle, through the hustle and bustle, not about the figure, go figure. Thank God for the life, the strife, thru His blood sweat and tears, no more fears. Peace and grace took their place. Jimmy out.

Now, someone take the mic. :-)