The Road to Bethany

"Jesus wept." --John 11:35 Yesterday's list of prayer requests reminded me of one of the most powerful chapters in the gospels. If you can, please go back and help us pray for each other. In John 11, the city of Bethany was less than two miles from Jerusalem. And when Mary finally reached Jesus, Lazarus had been dead four days. Perhaps they thought Jesus didn't hurry or didn't notice. Either way, the grief and pain that Mary and the others were feeling moved Jesus to tears. Although Lazarus would soon be having a good laugh, Jesus cried. Why? Because their loss was His too, and their pain hurt. Picture it. Their agony hit His heart and...gush.

Yesterday I received encouraging news with one of my surgeons (last year's). And it was the doctor who delivered the good news to a teary Loretta. But he wasn't concerned. He didn't console her, hold her and he definitely didn't cry. Why? He knew the outcome. He knew that all was going to be well. Which makes the story in John 11 so incredible.

If Jesus could instantly dry the eyes of a broken Mary, surely He could prevent His own from welling up. But aren't we glad He knows how we feel? And shows it? Which makes me think, that probably wasn't the last time Mary cried, or cried out to a healing God. And yesterday wasn't the last day we'll follow her example. Come to think of it, I'm learning that it's true that on this side of Heaven, the healing never ends. Like you, like Mary, I often want Him to hurry. If I didn't know better, I'd say this life looks a lot like that short road to Bethany.

--Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Who's with me? Anyone feel like you're looking down the road from Bethany? Isn't it good to know that He cares and hurts when we hurt? What a comfort.

PrayFit RISE Update! A week from now we'll begin super early bird registration for PrayFit RISE in Los Angeles. A celebration of grace being enough. Enough to put faith to work, enough to humble us, enough to give us hope in hurt and enough to remind us of Heaven. IMG_3293Stay tuned this week both here and on the app for more details on how you can attend, support or sponsor. Please pray for us, ok? Big week. Here's a pic of the venue the Lord has provided.