Goliath Had Brothers

"Then he took his staff in his hand, and chose five smooth stones from the stream." --1 Samuel 17:40 Before David hurled the stone at his giant, I picture him down at the stream, tossing them one at a time in his hand. See, I have a feeling he measured a few before finding just the right one for his particular overgrown nuisance. Did you notice the verse? He "chose" five stones. He made decisions based on his needs and abilities. "Too light.” Toss. "Too small." Toss. "Ah, that’s the one!” After all, David knew what he was up against and planned accordingly.gallery-stones

What about you? In the area of health, you might be facing some big issues. Is it your diet? Your training consistency? Maybe you can’t find the right routine? In the area of faith, perhaps you need to dig deep into God's word, carving out time on your knees each day. Well, whatever the case, take a stroll down to the stream with David. Kneel down with him and gather some ammo. If the pebbles you’ve been flinging at your giant-size goals aren’t making a dent, then reload. You know what you’re up against. The key is to do like David did and find it. Remember, His fight was worth it and so is yours.

--Jimmy Peña

For Discussion: Some scholars believe David chose more than one stone to be thorough, in case he missed. But not me. I'm with those that think David chose five stones because he knew Goliath had brothers. Anyone going to the stream today? I'm in.