PrayFit Update!

I think it's time for a theme, amen? And to that end, I'm introducing all new devotions next week with "Les Miserables" helping fulfill that need. If there has ever been a story with a message of grace, it's Victor Hugo's Les Mis. Unashamedly, the latest version starring Hugh Jackman is my second favorite movie theatre experience of all-time. I highly recommend it and I highly hope you check in next week for our daily devotions and time together. And seeing as it's Friday, I do have a few housekeeping items to mention and celebrate. First, thank you for helping make the new PrayFit App a massive success. So many of you are finding it extremely helpful in reading the devotions, and you're digging the new features. Personally, the audio Bible has been such a blessing for my quiet times. The wonderful narration of the gospel is so helpful. I've taken Louie Giglio's challenge, and I am trying to memorize the book of Colossians. Our audio Bible is helping!

Secondly, my latest book, "The PrayFit Diet" is about to hit bookstores in paperback form. It's so cool, and it's available everywhere books are sold on Dec. 23rd including Barnes & Noble, Family Christian, as well as Target and Walmart.paperback

I don't do a lot of promotion of my products on social media or on the site, but I sure do hope you get this one. Grounded in grace and endorsed by Pastor Randy Frazee of Oak Hills Church (with Max Lucado), Terry Crews of The Expendables and Congressman Aaron Schock.

And what's awesome is the 33-day food plan - of perfectly proportioned days of protein, fats and carbs - (recipes designed by Dana White of The Food Network ) pairs nicely with our 33-Day at-home DVD series by my digital partner and producer Lionsgate Entertainment.

Greatly blessed to have such an incredible team surrounding PrayFit and to have friends who love me and who love the message inside. Click the book to get your copy. I hope it blesses your life.

You'll forgive the long entry, but it's important I share these resources with you. I'll see you Monday for Les Mis Week. Grow in grace. - Jimmy Peña