We Shook On It

Years ago, during one of my first book tours in El Paso, I had the chance to see some family. One dear couple in particular was my Uncle Eddie and Aunt Margaret. My Uncle Eddie was my "Tocayo." The term Tocayo means "someone with the same name." But not only did we share the same name -- Edward -- but I was named after him. James Edward Peña. We even had a Tocayo handshake -- it was a special bond.IMG_0754 Well, I'm using the past tense because my Tocayo went to be with the Lord on Thanksgiving. He was the sweetest man with the best heart. A contractor by trade and known for being able to build anything whatsoever, that weekend together Tocayo sat and told me of the old days when he'd build someone's home on their word alone. Long before you needed things in writing, my uncle said that a handshake meant the deal was done. We shook on it. I'll never forget him.

As he spoke that day, my thoughts went to Jesus. As believers, we all wear His name. He's never changed and never will. Talk about someone we can trust. He not only said it, He put it in writing. And rather than offer a hand, He extended both.

--James Edward Peña

Prayer Request: I'll be with family tomorrow so please pray for us all. I have the humble honor of officiating both the funeral and graveside services. Heart is heavy and I'm just wanting to serve the Lord and bring honor to my Tocayo and comfort to the family. Please help me pray for his wife, Margaret. They were married 51 years. And for the entire family. Even though we know He's in Heaven, everyone including my Daddy, is having a tough time. Thanks. The next PrayFit Entry will likely be Tuesday.